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by: Ivan Livinus


To God who made me

I never meant harm nor evil

But my mouth so quickly

Led me to spew impiety.


I pled for mercy, but no clemency

I ran for safety, but no security

I cried for justice, but no honesty

They finally held me down, but fiery.


Like a mad dog they hit me with woods

Like a dying battery i became weak at a spot

To be honest I couldn’t shout anymore

Even to pray to God my mind was taken by the pains.


I couldn’t struggle for defense anymore

Because my veins had been weakened by the woods

Motionless I slowed to the ground unconsciously

Still they couldn’t stop hitting me like a deadly dog.


I wish they listened to my plea

I was really sorry for the mistake

I was ready to confess my sin

But then they rushed to immolate me

Even before God should sign my death warrant.


To my dear loved ones in the Lord

Take my ashes to the grave and burry me

For I had no inheritance there on earth

Only God can judge and have a final say of my case.

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