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Akwanga is a local government that’s in Nasarawa State their are a lot of business that pays and their is another one that pays more and a lot of people in Akwanga seems to be interested in the one that pays more.
Here are the business that moves in Akwanga

1. POS business



This is  the business most people in Akwanga venture into, each corner of Akwanga their is a POS and the are competing with each other in a same place you will find two POS container everybody POS.

2. Beer business



Alcohol is now becoming the fastest way of making money in Akwanga, a lot of palm trees don suffer be like say in the nearest future we go find palm trees tire o

3.Bet9ja business




This one is not that much but costumer Choke, the amount of ticket you see one person with, it something else. A lot of guys don’t joke with betting o maybe very soon now you go see betting shop facing each other competing.

This businesses have really taken over a lot of means of earning money in Akwanga

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