Talk Zone : Exclusive interview with Yellyberry

Nigeria to the world,  Akwe Faith Elahi is one of the most encouraging model that really believe and also trust in her spirit that she will get to the top and also  make everyone around her happy and celebrating.
Akwe Faith Elahi  is also a student of college of Education Akwanga Nasarawa state, 
      Below are some of the exciting question and answer you love to know about Akwe Faith Elahi pupularly know as Yellyberry 
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1. Can we know your                   
          Full name? 
Yellyberry  : Akwe Faith Elahi
2. I guess you are 
       a model right? And What motivate you to 
Yellyberry : I am a model, and what motivated me was my dream to be a model
3.why do you choices the descion? 
Yellyberry:  because I needed to try and see if it will work for me
4. Before undergoing all the process, what are the challenges you facing? 
Yellyberry : the challenges was will people like me  and will day vote for me
5. What’s are your inspiration behind your new contest? 
Yellyberry : the love I started having for myself
6. Who is your favorite role model? 
Yellyberry  : Destiny Etiko (Mentor..mercy Johnson)
7. Do you feel your fan from Benue, nasarawa state, Abuja and world wide have any club what’s in modeling? 
Yellyberry  : yes
8.we all believe in modeling getting really supporter is something else, who/what is your back bone? 
Yellyberry  :  my family and friends
9.people suggest you’ve been the best contesters representating you home town, and what you have to say about it? 
Yellyberry  : 
it true in my family am the only person that takes this step 
11. Do you resent criticism to your craft? 
Yellyberry  : No 
12. what’s your opinion over the people who believe in you? 
Yellyberry  : 
I will always make them proud
13.How did you copying in school and also contests? 
Yellyberry  : 
it always fun
14.How do you feel or where do you see yourself after a successful contest? 
Yellyberry  : 
in the midst of all my role models
15.Which role models do you gives kudos to In Your whole contests career ? 
Yellyberry : Queen Grace
16. What should we be expecting For the contests? 
Yellyberry  :  love
17.who encourage you to join modeling? 
Yellyberry  : Ghetto (social director)
18.As a modeling when someone is speaking against or discriminating you what will be your action towards the persons? 
Yellyberry  : 
 I will try n make him or her understand that it not what they think of me
19.Can you tell us what are your words of encouragement to your fans, colleagues in school, your fellows contesters, Hustlers out there? 
Yellyberry  : they should believe in there self and go for ur dreams
20.Tell us who and what do you dedicate this hard work to? 
Yellyberry  : 
my friends
21 are you in any relationship?
Yellyberry  : Yes
22 what can you say about those young couple in a new relationship?
Yellyberry  : 
what I have to tell them is that even if ur boyfriend is working please as a girl look for something doing to keep ur self busy
23 what do u prefer you been broke or loneliness? 
Yellyberry  : Broke 
24 who do you prefer? a boyfriend with the mouth odour or body odour ?
Yellyberry  : 
 I don’t think I need any
Below are some of her wonderful looking picture 
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