ESLA NAHEMIAH DANLADI, A content creator and fashion creator who is working really hard to reach the the top in the fashion world.
He is currently a 400 level law student with the Nasarawa state university keffi.
Below are some Intresting interview with Esla Danladi known as ICE DAN.

1: Tell us a little about yourself

     Ice Dan:Nehemiah Danladi popularly known as ICEDAN .
From Nas. State ( Christian, Eggon by tribe )
An general creative  with more interest in Art & fashion .
A law student of Nasarawa State University keffi.

2:what are your passion?

    Ice Dan: Learning new skills, creating contents (art/Fashion)

3:what do you do in your spare time?

     Ice Dan:I barely have one tho because I’m either making research at my supposed spare time or checking up on the next thing I can create.
But on a spare time I’m either Sleeping, Hanging out with Friends/Family .

4:Do you enjoy content creation?
    Ice Dan: Yes, I love it .
Being someone who grew up loving art and fashion i find this as my everyday life .
Although it can be hectic on some days but it’s something I love doing.

5:Who is your inspiration in content creating?
   Ice Dan: I’ll just list a few
• ALANRVY ( Fashion creator. Not Nigerian )
( Musical artist/Fashion Enthusiast ) Her style inspires me alot I’ll love to work with her someday .
Others like JEHOCREATED, KUYET BAMAI , and lots of others depending on what I really want to create at the moment.

6:How did you first get your start in 
the content creation world?
    Ice Dan: 
I find fashion contents interesting had to watch alot of YouTube videos, Instagram , TikTok contents and realized this is something i can really do. Just had to give it a try

7:How did you become a content creator? Could you tell us about it?

      Ice Dan: It’s a mixture of what I love to do, look cool and make edits (video transitions). So It was easier to go with the flow .

8:How would you measure the performance of your content marketing?
  Ice Dan: As an alte fashion creator it’s really hard because not alot of persons understand the alternative fashion.
I feel I don’t really do much but now i try to make promotions on my social media platforms especially on Instagram ( through Ads )

9:What content do you think is lacking I n the industry?

  Ice Dan: No lies we are really doing alot now. 
But I feel we don’t really pay attention to shoes/sneakers here in Nigeria fashion.
And also Art contents don’t get the boost they deserve.

10:What type of content are you use to creating?
    Ice Dan: Fashion contents ( Alternative Fashion precisely

11:Who is your favourite content creator?
    Ice Dan: Alot of persons inspire me but  at the moment for fashion creators I’ll pick ALANRVY.

12:Do you usually work solo or with a team?

      Ice Dan: Some days i work in solo but it’s easier working with a team of creatives with like minds because they’ll be more ideas to go with .
Working with a team is way cooler .

13:How do you react to critics?

   Ice Dan: I don’t let it get to me because not alot of persons understand fashion beyond just buying the trendy outfit and all and for an alte person definitely not alot of persons will really understand. I always try to ignore but try to see if there’s sense in what the person said too . 

14:Which celebrity do you think has the best sense of style and Why?

(Musical Artist/Fashion curator )
He has a high taste in fashion and I love his style so I’ll say he’s a go to person anytime. 

15:What do you enjoy after work?
    Ice Dan: A nice meal, Rest .
16:Which social media platform do you use the most?
   Ice Dan: Instagram
17:How do you define fashion?
     Ice Dan: Fashion  is an art of self expression through styling different outfits/clothings .

18:Where do you see youself in the next five to ten years?
    Ice Dan: An art & fashion Curator making impacts in the general creative industry.
19: A barrister in the making doing art and fashion content creating what can you say about that?
     Ice Dan: 21. With the likes of Akinyemi law(Entertainment lawyer), Dr. Akin Faminu (Lawyer/Fashion Content creator)
Ebuka ( Lawyer/Media personality), Lawyartist ( Lawyer/ illustrator ) they’ve made me realize there’s more beyond the usual litigation.
I intend to be an entertainment lawyer someday tho .
20:What do you have to say to your fans and up coming  content creator?
      Ice Dan: Live , Love, Learn . 
Live( Enjoy life while doing what you love )
Love ( Love people, Love God )
Learn ( Take risks, Never doubt yourself and be open to learning )
Below are some amaising photo and work collection of ice Dan.

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