Reason why tress shouldn’t be cut off in our community and where human lives

Today I’m going to be talking about why people shouldn’t cut off trees in our environments and communities where human lives, but they should see more reason to plant more of them . Trees are very essential and very important to us, human.we live  with trees around us, in other make us feel more secure and more more happier so  that we can be exposed to cold motions and even all the  layers under the ground  trees are very very paramount to us. They make us feel more comfort, surpress the wind  once it comes with full force or even more heavyer,it makes us feel very good in our comfort zone. 
Trees are blessings from God, which God has blessed man with, to live in with, the tree always grant a  conducive environment and to make every moment of man and his habitat vital and lovely sweet,in other for Environment and community   to be to be contented with what it has  they both choose to abuse the use of the trees.
 tree’s can be useful in so many ways to people benefit  these days. In such a way they create alot of furniture wood Etc. According to scholars of Agriculture they said many trees are been uprooted but  don’t  get replace it after using them, and this is why every blessed day we run here and there in other to hide from what we called Earthquake, Erosion, and even flood.  They said ! They cut it used for furnitures after that they don’t replace it.trees are very  useful to human life style In so many ways, that is if you check out how  important is it to us. We use trees to build house, great  qualities aset that are nice and  things that are very lovely eyes catching to us,
 Advantage of trees and why we shouldn’t cut off Trees in our community and where human lives,
Below are some of the best benefit of trees on our society.
The trees in out society covers us from the Ozone layer
The tree’s reduces the soil Erosion
As Earlier stated it reduce what we call the the water pollution, and the trees conserve Much energy to the society.
The trees gives room for clean Air and also reduce the wind .
It provide the habitat
Disadvantage of trees,
To me tree’s don’t have any bad side but according to some human who had made some discovery said trees have other bad side, which they said it requires alot of space to plant, it also required alot of workers to operate.
A lot of questions have been going through our mind. And people have been asking how can we control and how can we maintain the productivity of the trees around us and how can we keep them to help us prevent any incoming  crashed, such as flood, such as erosion or even the almighty earthquakes. People have people have been asking and thank God for a dedication of people who undergo  knowledge and wisdom that were acquired from schools and tertiary institution where they learn a lot of things about trees and how helpful they are to  us and also very much secure. Trees can be use  controlled or even prevent any bad air the trees will fillter it and make it good for humanity consumption.
  If only we use and replace in such way we can protect and keep us safe and our environment which also people living in the community safe and safeguard that. We can also control what we call air pollution. With the help of trees. We can reduce
CONCLUSION :Trees can also be controlled through what we call multiple planting  of trees Every where around us and also replacement of the once been uprooted  very useful, 
We should explain to others who have not had  the opportunity of going to school. We should explain to them on how to keep it and how to make use of it and how to make it grow faster and even easier for human consumption.

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