Poor Education in Nigeria


Poor Education In Nigeria
  Nigeria’s education has turned into something else drastically, the poor system of education in Nigeria has caused alot of damages to Nigerian students. Lack of proper education has caused some students loopholes and has also made some students lose their desires in their ambitions.
    Disadvantages Of Poor Education In Nigeria.
1. Lack of fluent speaking: the poor system of nigerian education has caused some students to gain lack of speech and cannot represent themselves in public, eitherway they get unserious teachers whom ain’t ready to teach them properly in class nor give them proper tuitor. 
2. Inadequate Educational Instructional  Materials: the Government doesnt help in this aspect by not supply adequate educational learning material to schools, inwhich the school will use to adequately tuitor the students especially those in government schools, parents nowadays take they’re children to private schools where those materials are being supplied by doing so they kill the development of the government schools.
3. Inefficient Professionalism: these days we find it hard to get professionals to tuitor our students, those teachers don’t have adequate learning professions they dont study or make inquiries on their subjects of matter, they just give out the content and leave the rest to the students, that alone trashes the educational system.
  Education in Nigeria, particularly in Northern Nigeria is steadily heading to colapse, also quality of our education depends on the quality of our teachers, for example the Nigerian Universities these days with strike, going on several strikes on and off it is distroying the school systems in Nigeria, its also tanishing the dreams and inspirations of students and its making alot of students idol and lazy at homes. Especially children of the poor masses, because those that the higher level e.g the political aspirants and rich men they send their children overseas to study abroad, and they do nothing to improve the educational system of our country to allow the vulnerable and non-vulnerable to study here. Instead of nourishing the schools we have here and finding a way to improve the betterment of our schools but they ignore it.
 Bottom Line, the system of education in Nigeria is very poor and not vulnerable to the poor masses, also the poor masses are the ones suffering from this truama our educational system is into, Also  E learning is very important to the educational system obviously not all students have Laptops and Ipad Phones that will make them have smooth and easy access to the E learning.

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