Nasarawa State University Student, Sarah commits suicide over alleged relationship issue


A devastating tragedy struck the Nasarawa State University campus on Friday. Safaratu, a promising student known on Facebook as Rezzy Rhie, died by suicide over reported relationship troubles with her boyfriend.

The campus community is still struggling from the heartbreaking news of her sudden passing on December 8th.

While further details surrounding the circumstances remain unconfirmed, early reports to Bestxplorer blog suggest that relationship struggles may have triggered this irreversible decision as she was heard crying bitterly while talking to her boyfriend on phone.


The loss leaves the NSUK community shocked and saddened over Sarah’s death. Late Safaratu is said to be a 100L student of the university.

Safaratu, known as the CEO of RHINA’S BAKERY, had recently celebrated her birthday.

Rumors circulating indicate familial disapproval of her relationship with her current boyfriend.


Disturbingly, it’s been disclosed that Safaratu had previously attempted suicide twice, with the recent tragedy marking her third attempt.


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