MUSIC : Morentis ft kalzle p ft Kidda- kutti feed up mp3 + lyrics

Nigerian hip hop recording artise Morentis hit in with another classic vibes, ” feed up ” which you won’t afford to miss out.
 the sound was featured by some Rap god  kalzle p ft Kidda- kutti song produce by Sammy lyrics Below
The above young act express Thier deep taught in the below sound click the button to download mp3
Verse 1
See I fell in love for the first time but it seems so hard. She fell dsame all this times  but the Vibes so hard I even want to let her know, I pray  that money  show, I was trying to let her know that I love her
But I never spend on her she told me, am a loser
So many reasons why she start ignore me
And she told her friends about me look at this poor Richard niga Clemson he really love me
Do you love him yes I do but that was then now is not him, I let it go in good faith cos I knew my future so great after wording now am different now the money dey now am decent, we go shows in weekend now she call me kalzie p, I call you
U did pick I told her mary see, now my love for you is week
I was abeging you to speak, I was calling you, you did pick instead you told your friends about me do you think that the will tell me all the things you said about me
Now you sorry now you love me, but I knew you never love me so back off
Give you my heart
I gave you love
Give you everything I got
I show you love
I show you to a heart
You took me for a fool
Now you let me go apart girl now
Am sorry i am sorry heee ya
I never new you be this kind of person
am sorry I am sorry heee ya
I never new you be this kind of person
A female or HMO ashes mo ashes mo mo ashes mo ashes Momo
A female or HMO ashes mo ashes mo mo Ashes mo ooo yeye
Verses 2
Verse 2
It is like a version when we first met my spirit keep telling me I can understand different behaviour I can comprehend you can see me run the Love has end I know you don’t care you just the pretend Savior your pretends now I understand pasing so time now is my time enough is a enough the love I can’t Define
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