Nigerian most promising act, KYB pull out his first single  of the year after his long time solo, the young act decide to dish this first song to street and to who so ever is in love with African music ( Afrobeats ) 
KYB Na Lie is a classic inspiration of sound that is full of fiction an illusion. The young Act always pull out to work in other to deliver nice sound to his  entire fans and love ones.
KYB uhhh
See toh Har China nakeje nayi charging waya(Kan buran uba)
Hahaha Kyb kana karya
Ah no dey lie
Wallahi karyane wallahi
Na Sanka
Check my account balance (u are mumu man!!
Ah started rap at the age of two (na lie)
Gwagon me ah get am two(na lie)
From intenstan ah draw tattoo (na lie)
Am a friend of Aliko dangote (na lie)
Ah dey do giveaway ah no dey take(na lie)
Ah no dey wear shoe twice (na lie)
When ah dey shop ah no dey ask for price (na lie)
 See Inna buga kirji Inna wuce (na lie)
That beb na tabata 10mill(na lie)
Go and ask about me for me area(na lie)
Ah no dey take shit d cure them maleria (na lie?
Ana jidani Kamar shugaban kasa (na lie)
Ama boss oga kwatata (na lie)
Davido d follow for Twitter (na lie)
Wizkid dey chat me for insta(na lie) Kai Kai
Ah no dey lie
Na lie*3
Wallahi ah no dey lie*3
 Rap 2
Kai part two Ana jidani ah Saudi Arabia down to Peru (na lie)
Jay z dey feature me for Album (na lie)
Innawuce polisawa suna Bina da Algon (na lie)
Nine best rapper on the earth (na lie)
Banason muskule na lion be my pet(na lie)
Nicky Minaj dey call me for phone(kaii)
Cardi b dey sleep for my room(na lie)
Mswags nabashi Aron Moto(na lie)
Patomarly ninake rubuta mishi waka (na lie)
Bana Sha lacasera Sai shampain (na lie)
Ninama barrack Obama Champaign (na lie)
Bana Sha lacasera Sai shampain (E woo)
C boy
This kind lie oo if ah gimmee u eh
Repeat chorus
  Wallahi bana karya
King of the game
Nine master Inna wuce Sai so fara che Sir Sir
But am Boss all
Niggers wan me down 
But am always on my lost ya
This is for fun*3
Amma bana karya
But am up to d game nine nine Kai kai (na lie)
Ai Dubai na my village(Ayyyyyh)
See gaganni mana 
Am ajebota nai am not from Kauye(hahahahahhl Yaronana makaryacine
Kai Kai KYB na karya
See ah no dey lie(Ehh)
Inkaryane ku tambaye tallest (Na lie)
Download mp3 below

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