MUSIC : Emheez Party

Artist : Emheez

Tittle : Party

Y’all know we like to party. This is coming straight with a full force from a your favorite fast-riasing artist “Emheez” tittle Party.

The first sound of the year with an amazing vibes.


Check out lyrics below




it’s your boy Emheez again oh no nooooooo


essiah na naaah



go tell them that we like to party

up in the club where we send no body

tip on your toe and then hold somebody

come with your lady and then homie

go tell them that we like we like we like to party

tip on your toe and then hold hold hold somebody


do u wanna dance Skelewu

the girls just the give me hot like isi ewo

the way that they move omo is Killin me

they bend down low and then show everything

abegi DJ make u turn table

am in the house and I am capable

fire down let them burn cable

gather them let them wine it for me

me go they jam it like wata Bam Bam

I got the power like I base in London

like birdie no dey play with falcon

tell em now tell em make them run come

am alleged to boring life

they party they hot and we go all white

we come make we have fun and no fight

eh oh na na na



Eh eh


Messiah na naaah


See, who dey who dey who dey here

gum body baby draw me near

pop some bottle in the air

money dey eh eh no fear S

hay you want to party (After party)

You want to jaiye (It’s available)

You want to yeah iyeah iyeah

you want to hold somebody

Shaby you come with your lady

you come with your homie

so make u step in the club and grab that issh

then pop some bottle

oh murder them like a smooth criminal

follow me let us go Cinema

to all the lady make u move your waist line

bada man party come to take over



Go Tell them that we like we like we like to party

we like yeah like to party

Messiah na naaah


logging out

eh eh


Download and enjoy

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