Kanye West the can’t control

 Kanye West is back again with an interesting story could this be about the Illuminati he say “the can’t control me but the can control Jay Z, Beyonce, LeBron James Charles Berkeley but the can’t control me”. 
 He further say that even his mother was sacrificed the took everything from me but am still here because Jesus loves me that why am still here, he continues mentioned names even Michael Jordan sacrificed his Dad, Bill Cosby gave his son, Dr Dre gave his son too for that a lot of people have gone missing in Hollywood California, he said the want to control me that why all this things are happening to me the want to keep my mouth shut. The truth will be heard one day even Meek Mill are all puffies to them I never killed nobody so that means I will say whatever I want to say and not go to jail. Let wait to see what next 

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