INTERVIEW, Meet Beverly Ayim On our exclusive talk Show

Nigerian fast coming film actress Beverly Ayim, who is currently studying theatre and media art in federal university of Lafia Nasarawa state, 300L decide to join us on an Exclusive interview

below are some of the questions and her response, Enjoy your evening.

Q. How did you first become interested in acting and pursuing a career in theatre?

Beverly :  l’ve always liked anything that has to do with Television and also church drama back then had a huge influence on me pursuing this particular career

Q. What inspired you to study theatre and media art at the Federal University of Lafia?

Beverly : nothing really but that has been my dream course

Q. Can you share any memorable experiences or performances from your time in university so far?

Beverly : Yeah….a play production tittled kurunmi that production was the best I ever watched

Q. Are there any particular actors or actresses who have influenced your acting style?

Beverly : Yes sure

Q. What do you enjoy most about studying theatre and media art?

Beverly : Everything that it entails

Q. Have you had the opportunity to participate in any productions or performances outside of university?

Beverly : not yet looking forward to that opportunity

Q. Are there any specific roles or genres of theatre that you’re particularly drawn to?

Beverly : not really

Q. How do you prepare for auditions and performances?

Beverly : just read and understand your script so you’ld be able to act and not read lines

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring actors who are just starting their journey?

Beverly : persistence and hardwork is the key

Q. Are there any specific directors or playwrights whose work you admire?

Beverly : Yes: my Wonderful lecturer Steve James

Q. Have you encountered any unexpected challenges or surprises during your studies?

Beverly : yes I have

Q. What do you hope to achieve in your acting career in the future?

Beverly : A brighter future because been an actress in the industry is not easy

Q. Are there any specific skills or techniques that you’ve learned during your studies that have been particularly valuable?

Beverly : yes fashion designing and it has been useful in aspect of making costumes for productions

Q. Can you tell me about any upcoming projects or performances you’re involved in?

Beverly : I was involved in a play production:kadenge that was the play that made me more passionate about my dream in acting

Q. How do you approach character development and bringing a character to life on stage or screen?

Beverly : Approaching and bringing a character to life on stage you have to study the character you’re supposed to play, know who the character you’re trying to imitate his then put yourself into the character

Q. Are there any aspects of theatre and media art that you’re particularly passionate about exploring further?

Beverly : yes directing

And that is the end of our exclusive interview with miss Beverly Ayim hope you enjoyed you self please do comment below let know what you think about this Thank you.

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