Exclusive interview with jimanni

What a wonderful moment with Jimanni, one of the kaduna alist artise who has been trending for long below are some of the exclusive answer we got during the interview
Thank you.
Lets start with …
I guess they don’t you full name ?
My full name is Emmanuel Yahaya Ibrahim

Do you feel your fans from Nasarawa state kaduna and from world wide have any clue what’s in the EP ?
I haven’t released new music in a while so obviously, no clues out there.
Your new studio Demo is the most Anticipated EP in kaduna State right now, Do you feel they are ready for the publications and ready to support you ?

My fans and supporters are always ready and willing to support me when I’ve got new stuff to put out there.
What are the challenges you’ve been facing during the making of the new pending project ?

It’s been quite difficult working with my entire team due to clashing schedules, distance and of course the funding process for the project has been a bit slow.

Now,the Main question is What’s The inspiration behind your new sound ?

Over the past 10 months I’ve had to reevaluate so many things and within that timeframe, I’ve had to really embrace who I  am as a person and connect to something that’s bigger than me so all of this inspires me to be original and make the best possible music. 

I want you to tell us who/what do you dedicate this hard work piece to ?
The project is dedicated to myself.
We know getting real supporters in the music industry is really something else, who/what is your back bone ?
My friends and family have been my primary source of motivation. They never stop believing in me and that encourages me to keep moving in the path that I’ve chosen. 
People believe you’ve been the best representing your home town,what do you have to say ?
Some people say I’m the best. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I’m only focused one being better than I was yesterday. I like to see that I’m growing and trying out new things as an artist.
What do you have to say to people who believe in you ?
People who genuinely believe in me, I love them and consider them family.
Do you resent criticism to your crafts ?

I accept constructive criticism not the type that’s meant to discredit my art or tarnish my image.
How are you coping with School and Music at the same time ?
School and music, that’s never an easy mix but I’m used to it.
Where do you see your self after the release of your new sound ?
 After my next project, I see myself being in a better place physically, mentally, financially and so on.

Who produce the songs in the EP ?
I’m handling most of the production. I’m also getting some help from some of my producer friends.
Which producer do you give kudos to in your whole music career ?

There’s so many producers I have to give credit to cause I sure didn’t get here all by myself. Shout out to Fonext, Loudspeeka, Drumstixx, Tyson Mirahno, JR, Chiif and many others. I’m grateful to them.
What should we be expecting from your sound ?

You can expect to hear and see a different side of me on this next release
What are your Words to your fans,colleague in school, fellow artist,bloggers,hustlers out there ?

 The world is crazy place right now so focus on yourself and your hustle. Don’t stop.

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