Entertainment : Talk Zone, Half baked destiny of a sixty years old man

 Talk Zone : Half baked destiny of a sixty years old man
I’m a traveler… 
A traveler, traveling through histories, nations, cities, towns, villages, streets, ghettos and market squares…
Through this journey,
I came across this man somewhere in Africa. His galaxy, so peculiar sparkling as star.. 
This man is noble with noble children round about his table.
Now with the passage of time, this man developed a sad and routine history.
Thus kind if history has amounted into a stunted growth…! 
.. His children did this to him!… 
Many books unraveled and Before me, are the mighty success and great failures of leaders, arrows shot at many, and they staggered to the ground, some, folly brought them to their kneels, tyranny amased wealth for alot who weren’t qualified,  
Security being a thread to live! 
Mindless people with mundane philosophies, philosophies with a cancer that has affected many lingering fate of doom!, 
Psychology of insane saints that has led many to heavy escapades! 
Here, I see wisdom being a zero criteria for leadership, Decisions are enacted from feelings without fear for people’s pain. 
.. And now… 
This man stands without value amongst his contemporaries, everything about him is accompanied with alot of terrifying stories and happenings. 
2+2 is zero(0), 
His children adorn education with laziness and an eye of molestation, and you ever give it a serious look, then it’ll take miracle to put food on your table, this matter has escalade! 
Its not his fault but who should we blame? 
They Abduct people in anxiety for wealth to force ransom, 
Then some said; “Fine!, opportunity comes once in a lifetime, we’re at the hem of affairs let’s pile up money for ourselfs”, 
While people laid their lives on the highways untimely 
Some said;”Let’s have business where we can exchange our goods and services for currency”. 
Everyone’s back is against peace, unity and integrity, the values they should be upholding. 
Just so unsatisfying thirst would be quenched… 
This old man turned, looked at me with bruises, bittered and said… “Impetuous one, I need help”!.. 

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