ENTERTAINMENT GIST:Sexual Harassment: Singer Ruger walk Out of Stage After Lady Grabbed His Manhood, She Refuses to Apologiz

Most Nigerian male musicians have no problem with female fans touching their body parts during performances but in this case is entirely different for young music star like Ruger. 
The Dior crooner recently had a nasty encounter with a fan and it was captured in a video making the rounds on social media
During the performance of his hit song, Dior, Ruger got closer to the edge of the stage and a female fan used the opportunity to harass him. The lady reached for his private part and grabbed him inappropriately; an action that forced Ruger to struggle with the rest of his performance.
The singer immediately yanked her hand off, held on to it with a strong show of disapproval written on his face before he stormed off the stage.
Watch video below 👇


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