ENTERTAINMENT GIST: People Gather Around Man in UNIBEN As He Sings About Them, Approaches Lady, ‘Toasts’ Her With Music in Video

 A talented Nigerian musician and amazing freestyler, Dan Dizzy, has wowed many people with his on-the-spur-of-the-moment thinking when it comes to singing. In a video shared on a verified Twitter page, the man was surrounded by a crowd of people who brought out their camera phones as he sang for them. Many people were wowed by his performance. Photo source: @iDanDizzy Source: Twitter Unscripted excellence What amazed people was that his performance was unbelievable as he sang about the people and things around him, using them to make music.
 The crowd was wowed. He moved from one person to another, using things he could see about them to sing. When he approached a lady in a wine gown, he used her name and beauty to sing. Dan Dizzy’s transitions were superb in that his video generated over 1,000 quoted replies on Twitter.

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