Monalisa, porpularly known as AFRO QUEEN has again bagged another ambassadorian deal with the top blog in nasarawa state www.nassmade.com.ng.

Below are some interview question with the ambassador.
:      Can we know you?
Monalisa: yes you can i am precious labaran AKA monalisa i am tall and dark in complexion i am a student of nasarawa state university  i am a model.
:     What motivated you to start               modeling?
Monalisa: modelling is something i have passion for aside that i am beautiful not just  beautiful but beauty with brains
      : What are the challenges you face as a model?
Monalisa: i have no challenge  with modelling cause like i said  i have  passion for it and even when challenges come i see it as a fun and not challenge  so i.Deal with it using my inniciative
   : What is the inspiration behind your contest and shots?
God and my directors
:    Who are your role models?
Monalisa:. my role model is my mom then agbani daraigo
:   What do you think  about your fans?
my fam are one  of the most important people  in my career as a model the have been  support in all means they are people i cant trade for anything  not even  gold
  What do you think about modeling in Nigeria?
   How do you do it? I mean School and modeling.considering you have to go to contest or  shot?
Monalisa: Mehn it haven’t been eazy but thank God for everthing if i will want to talk on it it will be a story  that might discourage upcoming  or aspiring models who will want to build there career when the arr still schooling
   What is your greatest weakness, and how have you try to over come it as a model?
.my greatest weakness is fear i over come it be putting  more efforts in what i do and beliving that i can do it

  what are your goals in the next five years?
Monalisa:. in the next five years i see my self bigger and better than now i see myself as a star amd a role model to many others out there.
  what brand have you worked with in the past?
.So far i work with mother of models production  i work with nuvie films i also work with 40 and fabulous tv show i model for ccicci fashion house also.
 How do you collaborate with photographers and creative director?
. building relationship with a new creative team is just understanding when both parties understand each other and agrees to the deal thats all
How do you handle Rejection as a model?
As a model rejection is a most most especially for someone who is just starting  some so i take it in Good fate and  try some other time i don’t gice up i keep trying.
can you tell us about the photos in your portfolio?
 Pictures on my portfolio are been credited by sammie leo and the are creative images which speaks about africa
:If a director asked to do a shoot you weren’t comfortable with how would you react?
Monalisa:.ofcourse if i am not okay with it i will decline not in a rude manner but i will give him reasons make him understand y i can’t  do it.
Is  it true you are now the brand amb assador of nassmade?
 How do you feel to be part of nassmade?
Monalisa: very happy
 Are you in a relationship?
Monalisa: Capital No.
Note:This is to notify the public that monalisa aka afro queen is now the brand ambassador of nassmade.com.ng.

Below are some pictures of nassmade ambassador

 stay tuned to nassmade.com.ng for more update

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