ENT : B-young Bernard Bako fkb CEO drop a brotherly Advise to the youth.

B-young Bernard Bako the CEO of fkb drop a brotherly advise to the youth on how most youth don’t have patience for money.
Below are the screenshot
“In Recent time, I see most of the youths use shortcuts such as fraud, Robbery, blood money, rituals to make wealth.
It’s just a matter of time, they would all vanish into the thin air leaving you and part of your generations to pay duely for your careless lifestyle.
Wealth Earned Illegally would be paid in full as a form of punishment. Don’t be pressured keep Woking hard and God will surely bless you.”
My Name is B-young Bernard Bako
Nasarawa state to the world, I Know you haven’t get your ticket, call the number below to get your own ticket please

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