ALBUM : Apostle lega joshua Ek’PO BA EYESU

Introducing Apostle Lega Joshua, a talented gospel artist hailing from Nasarawa State, Nigeria.  With his latest album “Ek’PO BA EYESU,” he’s taking us on a spiritual journey through powerful tracks like “Baka kasa ba,” “Ekpo ba Areoshla,” “okpan’mee,” “kai Allah na,” “Yakplo,” and “Adugu.”

Apostle Lega Joshua, not only a gifted singer-songwriter, but also the founder of the God’s Mandate Network, is spreading the message of faith and hope through his soul-stirring music.

Hailing from the Eggon tribe, Apostle Lega Joshua is a true leader and a proud father of three.


Get ready to be uplifted and inspired by Apostle Lega Joshua’s captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Don’t miss out on the transformative experience of his music! You can also follow Apostle Lega Joshua on all social media handle too or call +234 815 855 3212 on IG @Apostle Lega Joshua

Use the bottom below to download mp3 and enjoy

Baka kasa ba by Apostle Lega Joshua


Ekpo ba Areoshla by Apostle Lega Joshua

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