Adidas part ways with Kanye West’s Ye brand

Kanye West also known as Ye who one the most successful rappers and billionaire  and one one of the most popular and clothing line Adidas have finally part ways with each other after he posted the white lives matter during a fashion week in Paris this has brought so many reaction on social media and lot of people have been talking about it and days later he post a comment against the Jewish people on Twitter which made him lost a lot of endorsement and now Adidas just cute off their mark with him, saying his product (Yeezy) will no longer be produce by them. 
The Addas and Yeezy  partnership are now over  even though the Ye brand partnership with them have been one of the most successful one for their company, now parting ways with each other will make Adidas loose a lot of money, which Ye previously some time back  accused Adidas of stealing his design,The company (Adidas) wrote that the don’t consider or taking a risk to agree with  any  prejudiced against Jewish people, Kanye West recent action is unacceptable, bad and will not be part of it. 
Let see what happens next to Kanye West

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