Their are so many things people should consider before going on a journey below are some of the  reasons :
1. Before you go to Lagos, note that there are millions of people there in Lagos searching for job opportunity. So therefore, you have to pray to God for Him to guide your steps and protect you from evil missionaries, to give you a patient heart and to lead you to the right direction where you can find a job.
2. Before you go to Lagos, have a plan of what you will do with the money you may be earning from your hustle. Think of investment that will help you to save and to spend wisely no matter how little you earn daily, weekly or monthly. Only the wise excel here in Lagos.
3. Before you enter Lagos, let your eyes be wide opened and ears receptive to wise words from decent men. No careless person can excel in Lagos.
4. Before you go to Lagos, put-on your brain engine, let it be sharp and be brave because you can easily be duped and intimidated by some evil missionaries. No dullard can survive in Lagos.
5. Before you go to Lagos, note that you are not coming to stay in your kind of room. Lagos is an Ireland, you might end up sleeping in an open space like under bridge or a hut unless you want to rent an apartment or a simple container room to cower, or you have someone who is already there to go and stay with.
6. Before you go to Lagos, make sure you put-away laziness and put-on a hard-working and hustling habit. No lazy person can live and survive in Lagos. No food for lazy man in Lagos o.
7. Before you go to Lagos, if you are a glutton you better adjust the level of your eating habit, especially if you are coming to work as a salary earner because you might end up spending your whole money for the month on foodies or even borrow the more without saving a penny. Lagos food is too cost, cost and little in quantity that even N300 naira food cannot satisfy you at a go.
8. Before you go to Lagos, if you are a shy type or an introvert you better don’t come to Lagos, stay in your village and work yourself on these areas. If you can’t beg or ask for help, you might die of hunger, and you cannot learn or pick a challenge from great people out there if you are a shy type or an introvert. You need to mingle with good friends or co-workers to learn new things.
I hope this information will help you

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